S.S. Demo Review


New Band Alert, Southern Solstice, Acoustic 4 Life:

My old drummer Ricky Muzick (formerly with Heaven Hill and my band Year Of The Gun) contacted me and said he had a good new band, and he was right. Southern Solstice is a very solid three-piece rock band that doesn't sound like a three-piece. These guys play originals and do some cover tunes as well. These guys are only 24, 22, and 23 but sound like very seasoned musicians. Impressive. Newcomer guitarist/singer Brandon Britton, 24, is a talented individual. He has a very natural melodic voice that sounds like just what you would like to hear. It's comfortable and soothing. Brandon plays guitar at the same time, so to have both full vocal power without distractions AND to be able to lay down the only guitars riffs of the band so flawlessly only proves that these guys have what it takes to be a great band.

Brandon makes it look so easy. His acoustic guitar tone is excellent, too. I think it's a Martin acoustic guitar, and it sounds superb. Brandon's guitar is clean but can get dirty quick when needed. I was quite surprised by the tone coming from his Kustom Amp. I haven't heard one that sounded as good as Brandon's before. But apparently Brandon knows his stuff about equipment and gear, because he had a fat sound coming forth. Drummer Ricky Muzick, 22, is one talented rocker, a transplant from Cleveland who has made Louevil his home. Despite Ricky's young age, he absolutely kills on drums. He intimidates other drummers, as one Louevil music scene drummer said to me one night at one of our shows. Ricky is a showman and loves to play the drums. On bass is Alan Beeler, a bassist with everything in order. He has some groovin' skills and also does some singing as well. The band has been traveling lately up north in Detroit and Cleveland doing some gigs and promoting the band and will be heading down south to TN and the Carolinas towards the end of March/early April.

I'm checking out their recorded music now. "Volcano" is an acoustic endeavor that is soothing and kinda groovy. Very nice bluesy riff. Lovely tone. It kind of reminds me of Cage The Elephant. Very mellow, perfect music to chill to. Stoners and hippies would really like this music.

Brandon's vocals are great on this recording. It has a Sinatra type feel if I'm not hallucinating. The recording of this isn't bad for someone who recorded themselves. "Comedown" starts out with an Eighties sounding acoustic rock intro that sounds great, and then kicks into a ditty that sounds like a Tantric vocal. The "F" word that is said kinda threw me off a bit because I wasn't expecting it in such a laid-back song. The vocals are way too dry on this recording. Bone dry. Wet that chit up! Brandon has a great voice alone, but his vocals with proper effects would be fanfargintastic. Not a bad song, though.

The band said they were a bit rushed in the studio. That's how I feel every time I go into the studio!

"Love" is a cool and sinister, dark acoustic song. Catchy lyrics, good backups vocals and a rockin' good acoustic rhythm and some gritty melodic vocals that are memorable. Brandon's vocals are darn good. This might be my favorite. It almost has a country type feel to it. Nice little country guitar riffs, too. Excellent guitar tone all the way around. These guys mix it up so that they can play originals or covers for cash. Not a bad way to do things. But the bottom line is that they have skills and if they can direct and properly promote this cool sound they have in the right direction, then they could do well indeed. That is why the band is sooooo interested in playing out of town shows, to get word out and to expand their venues tenfold. If you like laid-back – but rockin' – mellow melodic acoustic tunes, then Southern Solstice should be right up your alley.


Eddy Metal
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